Top up loan is an additional loan facility which can be availed on existing loan amount. Top up loans can be availed on Homes loan, Car loan, Personal loan, Business loan etc.

  1. Top up loan is an additional loan facility which can be availed by existing home loan borrower and borrower having loan against property.
  2. Top up home loans provides the facility wherein additional loan facility is provided on the same property without mortgaging any additional property. Top up can be availed from the existing banker on the satisfactory track record of the borrower.
  3. The Top up funds can be utilized for anything from a car to studies, children’s education, repair, renovation & furnishing of house, business needs, etc. One can transfer the existing home loan with another bank under the facility of top-up loan. Top Up Loan is a Cheaper & Better Alternative to Personal Loan.
  4. Top-up loan in any case will not exceed original loan amount.
  5. Home loan borrowers having good repayment capacity and satisfactory track record of timely repayment of existing credit facility can avail top-up loan for repair/renovation/furnishing of the house and the same will be treated as part of home loan. How ever top loan used for other purpose or top-up loan availed by borrower of loan against property will not be treated as part of home loan and interest will be charged as applicable for the purpose it is to be used.
  6. always makes its efforts to facilitate sanctions of top-up loan within a shortest possible time at the most competitive rate of interest from reputed banks/housing finance companies and NBFCs.